Free Gold & Switzerland

Today’s post will not be about real estate or other flavors of property investing.

No references to Apple or the upcoming iPhone as it might be used by active real estate investors.

Today I want to offer you some free goid.

Buy gold online - quickly, safely and at low prices

The real thing. Shinny yellow metal. If you want, your gold can even be held in a vault in Switzerland.

The gold is free. You can immediately sell it for a profit.

No con. A small amount of gold (1 gram) which is being given away for free to each person as a way to promote a new investment company. Nothing to buy. You just sign up and the gold is transferred into your account. Hold, sell, buy more. The choice is up to you.

Check it out.

Savvy real estate investors are not blind to deals in other sectors. Consider the announcement a gift from me to you so that I score some Karma points. No strings attached.

The company giving away the gold is BullionVault. I have had an account with them for a few months. In some future post I will explain why and tell you more about gold, Switzerland and working for a Swiss Bank. Plus I will also share a bit about the Swiss property market and the Swiss Franc carry trade.

In the spirit of full disclosure my company can earn future commissions if you decide to actively buy and sell gold using the service. No extra charges to you. BullionVault is just putting some money into marketing to build up its volume and market share.

Even if you never buy or sell any more gold with the BullionValut I still want you to benefit from this free one-time opportunity.

Time is limited so act now. Strike while the metal is hot!

A Nothing Down deal where you can immediately pull out cash. What is the investment return when you put in zero cash and immediately pull out a profit?

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