Property madness? One view from London

The Ramblings of a Long Time Procrastinator is a mix of topics mostly centered on London, writing, photography and technology.

I first came to the site looking for more information on Peter Jones, a UK property investor and property ‘guru’ who has a mentoring program to sell. Peter distributes a video out that provides a brief view of what he is selling these days. A review of How I Became A Property Millionaire is on the Procrastinator blog.

My take on the video? I have been investing in the UK property market for over 10 years. I am still surprised to notice how immature the BTL investor community is at this stage. Peter’s video and what he is promoting is rather basic in both presentation and content. Not bad, just very basic.

There is a second entry on the Procrastinator blog that tries to argue that financing hotels through the sale of individual units (individual rooms) rather than through a corporate vehicle is madness. Check the post: Stop the property investing madness. I recast the point presented a bit when I compared buying what are effectively commercial flats (think commercial condos if you are from the US) vs. using a corporate structure when financing a hotel property. Condo hotels really are a twist on the financing and not much more. I view the review as too focused on the cost without a context. The alternative idea put forward is to buy a villa in North Africa. One is a commercial property investment while the other is almost pitched as a holiday rental that can be used by the owner.

Madness is an emotional term but it does not advance the bigger discussions concerning property prices in the UK. Madness can be a lack of understanding and perspective.

As a general comment concerning The Ramblings of a Long Time Procrastinator a cleaner layout for the blog would help. A place to leave comments including follow up questions is needed. Allowing comments would help to build community.

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