Reverse mortgages – pro & con

Bob Bruss is a syndicated columnist. He has been writing about residential real estate (all aspects) since I started investing from what my memory tells me. I used to read his column in the San Francisco Chronicle when I lived in San Francisco. Pre-web!

A little background

For 23 years, Robert Bruss has written the weekly syndicated “Real Estate Mailbag” question and answer real estate column, the “Real Estate Notebook” feature on real estate trends, “Real Estate Law and You” about recent court decisions affecting real estate and “Real Estate Book Review” features.

Bruss is a California Real Estate attorney and a real estate broker as well as a former director of the National Association of Real Estate Editors. Bruss is the winner of the 1997 Norman Woest Outstanding California Real Estate Educator Award.

Today I received an email copy of an article Bob wrote to explain reverse mortgages for US homeowners who are over 62 years of age. If you are from the UK the article is still a good read though the details in the UK are obviously different.

Rather than spend much time explaining reserve mortgages I will just send you to the specific article Reverse mortgage a great tool for retirees. It will not take you long to read. Follow the links suggested in the article if you need more information. If something is not clear post a comment here and I can explain or research further.

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