100 biggest US real estate markets & their performance

The following article is worth reading. More useful is the table that shows statistics for the 100 top markets. You can also re-order the list if you want to slice the data slightly different.

Analysts still are looking for a relatively mild downturn – but in some areas, things will get worse before they get better.

Forecast: 100 biggest markets


3 Responses to “100 biggest US real estate markets & their performance”

  1. someone Says:

    I was reading the newspaper, and there was an article that showed if price sales fell or were higher. It was in the press telegram, business section. for california. The following was some of what was in the article.
    ” so cal housing hits 12-year low”
    ” April sales fell 28.9% from last year; median home price reaches $505,000. Home sales in a six county region of california slowed last month to a 12 year low. But in some areas prices are still increasing. los angeles county posted the biggest increase, as the median price is $540,000 a year-over-year increase of 5.9%. the areas have seen an increase in notice of defualts, which is a precursor to froeclosures.”

    4 counties in so cal have decreased. one county increased at 2.8%. BUT los angeles is still increasing at 5.9% there are some areas in los angeles that are increasing 10% for stable neighborhoods.

  2. Pradeep Says:

    This article is indeed very informative. It has helped me in understanding the current trend of the market and has given me a proper insight into the price mechanisms-fluctuations specific to certain geographical locations. This is a valuable source of information.
    Thank you

  3. Michael Shane Wilson Says:

    An very informative article. Our market has felt a moderate slow down. I’m in Northwest Georgia and the lower priced homes $120,000 and below are still doing ok. The higher end homes are having a more difficult time. Thanks, Shane http://www.georgiabuyer.com

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