For now lets keep this brief.

Software engineering background so I am more into the numbers and details than some other investors. I started investing in real estate in 1983. I bought a book, took a weekend class and then purchased my first investment property ‘nothing down’ on the Monday.

Since that time I have held a number of real jobs while still investing on the side. I do not keep close track of what I have made over the years from real estate. I do know that it is rather substantial given how little time was invested at various points.

I invest in the US and the UK (career took me from Silicon Valley to London). I have looked and attempted deals in Bali, Spain and almost in France plus the city of Prague. We can cover some of the deals that never quite happened at a later point.


One Response to “About”

  1. Alex Roussel Says:


    My mentor-to-be Rob Bence has given me your name as a reference in the field of Lease Purchase Option.

    I would like to discuss an opportunity I have identified with you, as Rob admitted you were the man to contact for advice on LPO.

    I would be very grateful if you could let me have a number and time to call you, if that is acceptable.

    Best Regards,


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